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Tutorial: Iconfinder integration

Here’s a cool little feature that should make your life easier. You may already know Lovely Charts lets you create & import symbols libraries, from images or even vector objects created with another vector drawing app, but did you know you could search for symbols directly from within the app? Here’s how.
Again, this is unfortunately only available in the Desktop Edition for now.

Let’s say you’re creating a diagram on social networks, and thus need some good-looking icons for all those networks out there. Obviously you could start browsing the web, download each network’s logo as an individual image and subsequently import those. But there’s an easier way :
Simply hit Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on a Mac), or go to Help > Search, and instantly access one of the, if not the web’s largest icon repository, with over 186,700 royalty-free icons.
Type in what you’re looking for in the search box, say “facebook”:
Search Iconfinder

When you see an icon you like, you can just simply “add it to your basket” by drag&dropping it to the “Import the following symbols” box on the right. But that’s not all: below each symbol you’ll see a little folder icon you can click on to view the content of the iconset that symbol belongs to.
This is particularly useful in our case, where we need to find icons for multiple social networks, so I’ll just click on that folder icon below a symbol I like for its style and tada, sexy, similarly styled icons for all major social networks:
Search iconset

I’ll then drag the symbols I need to the import box, and once I’m done, define how I’d like to import those symbols, and hit Import!
Import symbols from iconfinder as new library

Once imported, my new library will then show up in your LIBRARY panel, as shown below:
Imported library

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