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About that “tablets market”…

Since I released Lovely Charts for iPad, there’s a question I get asked *a lot*: “do you have any plans to port the app on Android?”

Well, the short answer is NO.
Note that I’m not saying that it’ll never happen, just that I don’t have any plans for it at the moment. Why not?

  • First and foremost, I don’t think there is any such thing as a “tablet market” yet. Look at what happened last weekend: Apple sold in 2 days a quarter of ALL Android tablets activated TO DATE. Sure, this could change, Windows tablets are around the corner, etc etc, but fwiw, we could also very well all die at the end of the year if the Mayans were right ^^
  • The Android ecosystem is severely fragmented. Different devices, customized operating systems, and a TERRIBLE update adoption rate. Look at the numbers: iOS 5.1 is 2 WEEKS old, and it’s already approaching 50% adoption, while iOS 5+ as a whole is now well over 80%… Ice Cream Sandwich (Android’s latest update) is 6 MONTHS old and still stuck at under 1%, ouch.
    From a developer’s perspective, this makes iOS extremely appealing.
  • As a guy who’ve developed and maintained a multi platform app for years now, I can tell you it’s very very hard to deliver a best of its class experience across multiple platforms. In the past, I’ve bought into the “develop once run everywhere” concept, but I came to realize that moving forward, I’d rather focus on trying to deliver the very best experience on one platform, than to try to address everyone’s needs with an average solution. The iOS market size makes this even more reasonable I think :).
  • Finally, and I’m ready to admit that’s personal and subjective, I think the iPad is just the best tablet out there, period. As a UX lover, I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to develop for a device that performs that well, where everything is smooth and reactive (especially after being a Flash developer for over 10 years, huhu).

Edit: Just to be clear: it’s not my intention to start a platform war, dismiss Android devices or anything like that, just trying to explain MY reasons/rationale for not porting MY product on other platforms.

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  1. Eric D :

    You’re quite right.

    Hardware-wise, there are very few Android tablets that got somewhere close to the iPad. iPad 2 of course. Google might release a new tablet at par with the iPad 3 in the coming months but right now, they lagging way behind.

    OS-wise, the big mistake, for me, has been to make Android 3 (honeycomb) a tablet-only OS and ship it quite late. This means that most cheap crappy tablets sold at Aldi, Lidl, Blokker, whatever are running Android 2.x, which is incapable of the things a tablet should do. They’re big phones with enlarged screens.
    Then, the second huge mistake was to decide that Android 4 (ICS) would only work on the most recent devices. So 90% of the current phones and tablets will just NEVER get ICS. Period.

    That being said, the market of good Android tablets still being very small, when they release something decent and it gets some adoption, it will have a decent OS with little fragmentation. Those with older stuff, well, too bad.

    For the record, I have an Android 2.3 phone and an iPad 1.

  2. Jérôme :

    We’ll see.
    FWIW, I’m inclined to think the tablet market might turn out very differently from the smartphone market, and tend to believe in this scenario:

    But anyway we’ll see. After all we’re talking about a category that didn’t even exist 2 years ago :)

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