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Apologies for that silly title, it’s friday afternoon :)

I’m very happy to announce I’ve just submitted update 1.3 to Apple, now Waiting for Review.
1.3 is a relatively minor update feature wise, but nonetheless important since it adds the #1 most requested feature of all time: UNDO.

It’s an obvious feature, and based on reviews, I know it’s been missed by a LOT of users. Sorry about that, but trust me, despite it’s obviousness, it’s not trivial to implement, and it requires a lot of testing.
But anyway, it’s there now, and it seems to be working just fine. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with it.

Besides Undo, I’ve also tweaked the auto-saving mechanism, to make it save more often, making the whole app a lot more reliable, preventing data loss if ever it were to crash or close unexpectedly.
I’ve also added an “Arrange” option at the top right of the screen that lets you perform all the classical Z-ordering operations: Bring to Front, Send to Back, etc. A cool nice to have.
And last but not least, I’ve changed the behaviour of the Create & Connect gesture (the 2 fingers dragging), so that the created symbols now inherit all styles and properties from their “parent”.

Now, why the Kangaroos?
Well, before I explain, let me show you what my revenue chart since the launch looks like (iPad edition only):

Revenue chart after 3 months

It seems this is a rather typical App Store chart: a big spike at launch, occasional spikes upon promotions, reviews, featuring and/or updates, and a generally flat aspect, with a tendency to decline in my case ;(….
Good, so what’s that big spike towards the end (that’s this week)? Actually, that was a big nice surprise coming right from Australia: Lovely Charts was part of a “25 best iPad apps” list that was published in a major national newspaper (thanks Anthony !), calledthe age.
In comparison, that bump you can see in february is when I ran a promotion, the app was reviewed by Mac Stories, and mentioned by a couple of major digerati such as Jason Fried, leading to a couple hundred thousands(!) impressions on Twitter!

This, to me, comes as another confirmation (as if it was needed) that A. the iPad definitely is a consumer device, B. the App Store is not one big global store like the WWW, but rather a collection of local stores.
Not that this is really news, but it was nevertheless an eye opener for me that I thought was worth sharing.

Talking about sharing, the nice guys from Techbrew invited me last week on their podcast, to share both a bit of beer, and a bit of my experience with running Lovely Charts. A cool concept, great hosts, interesting discussions, good beer, it’s all over there.

Thanks for reading !

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