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Lovely Charts for iPad Week 2 & 3

My original intention was to keep this blog updated with weekly updates on how things were going. Cool, I failed after week 1 :)
That being said, I guess that everyone’s been busy enough over the last couple of weeks to not be too disappointed by the absence of report number 2… Happy new year everyone !

So, after a pretty cool week 1, how have week 2 and 3 been going?
Well, not too bad, considering Christmas is probably not the best period for productivity apps anyway…


Here are weekly sales numbers for december 2011:
December 2011 Weekly sales

What gives, a little under 1500 units sold in 3 weeks.
Numbers where pretty low during Christmas (normal), but went back up right before New Year’s Eve, essentially thanks to the Japan store (see below).
The good news is numbers for week 4 (starting on 1/1/12) are already higher, despite the fact that we’re only tuesday.
Key take way from this first “month” is probably that almost a third of the sales happened on the launch day, confirming what everyone says, maximizing your launch’s impact is important. That being said, the way I see it, having a “soft” launch is a relatively good thing, giving me a window to fix stuff and improve the product without it being too much the center of attention.

Arigato, Japan

The last surprise of 2011 (besides spending NYE in the ER because my daughter’s attraction to coffee tables ^^) came from Japan, where most of my sales since the 30th have happened. Why?

Because the app got nicely reviewed by AppBank, an apps review site that’s apparently relatively popular in Japan. Lessons learned, again:

  • Press matters. I had witnessed that with the German app store during week 1, this only confirms it.
  • The App Store world is a local world. Thinking about it, it’s all logical, but this actually came a bit as a surprise to me, the world is not flat :). Your app can be scoring high in a specific store (Lovely Charts climbed to #9 Paid Productivity in the Japan App Store last week), and not even appearing in the top 300 for other stores. I should better get started with that french localization :)
  • Twitter is hot in Japan. Actually no, I don’t really know about that, but something struck me when that AppBank’s review appeared: it got retweeted quite a bit, but most importantly, most of the japanese accounts that retweeted the info had a substantial followers count, many above 2K. Is this a known phenomenon?
  • No one from AppBank asked me for a promo code. Don’t know if that’s usual, but anyway, thanks A LOT egaku, I definitely owe you a beer (at least) :)

What about updates?

Obviously, the last couple of weeks have been a bit slow, but I’ve nevertheless managed to find some time to make some progress with the upcoming update. Really happy with how it’s turning out! If my daughter stops falling sick and falling on tables, I should be able to push this update out quite soon, crossing fingers ! :)

Getting back to it now, so thanks again all for the amazing support and feedback, have a lovely 2012 !

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