Lovely Charts iPad Edition now available on the App Store!

Announcing Lovely Charts for iPad !

I’ve been very quiet this year, for various reasons. So quiet some even expressed doubts about Lovely Charts’ future, and I can’t blame them.
That being said, despite the lack of public announcements and updates to the site and blog, I’ve kept working on Lovely Charts, notably on customer support, as well as on a new product I’ve been quietly working on since a couple months now…

That product, is Lovely Charts for iPad, and it’s with a great pleasure that I’m announcing to the world today.

I’m really, really, really excited about this new app.
Despite its apparent simplicity, this product probably embodies the best the original vision I had for Lovely Charts: “making it super easy to create good looking diagrams”.

Check the video above, try the app if you like what you see, then please let me know what you think :)

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  1. cubitus :

    Hi Jerome
    Are you going to create (or “simply” publish ;-)) also version for Android? This iPad version looks very nice, but I’m not the iPad fan ;-)

  2. ‘Lovely Charts‘ zeichnet wieselflink Diagramme – :

    […] plattformübergreifend im Web und auf dem Desktop bereits seit mehreren Jahren im Geschäft. via Lovely Charts (3.99 €; App Store-Link) ist in seiner iPad-Version kein umfangreiches […]

  3. Philipp :

    Amazingly done, had to buy it instantly after seing the demo video. …for once i’m actually looking forward to the next meeting ;-) Thanks guys.

  4. Jérôme :

    @cubitus An Android version is not really planned right now, but who knows. This is actually written in Obj-C, not in Air, so just publishing it won’t work ;)

    @Philip Thanks a lot, let me know how your meeting goes ;)

  5. Priya Agrawal :

    How do I add text into the diagrams I create?

  6. Jérôme :

    Priya > double tap. Works on symbols and connections.

  7. Rick :

    How can I change text size in the ipad version of Lovely Charts

  8. Jérôme :

    Rick > You can’t. Yet. ;)

  9. Anj :

    Kudos to the team! I”ve never wanted an iPad until now.
    So relevant, and cleanly designed. Good UX all around, judging from the preview.

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