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Tutorial: Import text files

Currently only available in the Desktop Edition, this feature lets you auto-generate diagrams from simple text files. This is especially powerful to create org. charts and sitemaps, where Lovely Charts’ baseline “You think, we draw” definitely comes up:

First, you need to create a text file in your favourite text editor, something like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Macs.
In that text file, you’ll put down the diagram’s structure as simple tabbed text, like this:

Text file

This is pretty explicit, right? New items are added on a different line, and child items are added to their parent by placing them below, indented by tabs.
Give that file the name you want and save it as simple text (ie, not rich text), preferably encoded as Unicode/UTF8, especially if you have special characters and/or accents in your labels.

Once you have a text file ready, all you need to do is import it, either by drag&dropping the file onto an open instance of Lovely Charts, or via the File > Import… (Cmd+R or Ctrl+R) menu option: pick your file, and you’re done!
Imported text files

The generated diagram will be automatically laid out as a vertical tree, but you can obviously modify it as you want, or apply different layouts, as explained here.

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