Lovely Charts iPad Edition now available on the App Store!

V2 Preview

I finally found/took the time for creating a little video preview of the upcoming version 2.0 of Lovely Charts!
Check out the video, and please let me know how you feel about it, either by commenting below, or via email at jerome at lovelycharts dot com
As you will see in the video below, Lovely Charts will become available as an AIR application, capable of running locally on your desktop, save and open local files, but an online edition will remain and will be updated as well.
I expect the beta testing period to begin around november, or more likely december this year, with a public release around march next year I hope.

Just so you know, there’s actually a couple more features coming up that are not unveiled in this video, but I want to hold some surprises for future announcements :)
Now, back to work!

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  1. Peldi :

    These look great Jerome, congrats!

    LMK if you need help dealing with the “two apples on leopard” issue I saw in the screencast, it has to do with replacing the native menus entirely instead of “selectively removing the ones you don’t want”.

    Looking forward to seeing the new app in action!

  2. Jérôme :

    Thanks Peldi!

    Believe it or not, I knew you were going to say that :)… I actually briefly met with Rob Christensen at MAX, who told me you faced that same issue and that it was related to something like that.

    I must admit I’ve kind of left it aside for now, as I really hate the idea of editing the native menu ^^
    If that’s the only solution I guess I’ll have to do it, but for now I admit I have kind of secretly hoped it would resolve automagically ;)


  3. Peldi :

    email me, I’ll send you my class, it’s not too big of a hack. :)

  4. Dani Schenker :

    Very nice! Looks awesome! When is it about to go online?

  5. Eric D alias Merlin :

    I love it. Really.

  6. Jérôme :

    Peldi > Thanks for the offer, will do that right away :)

    Dani > thank you! The beta testing period should begin before the end of the year, most likely at the beginning of december… for a public release probably around march.

    Eric > Thanks a lot!

  7. Dan Nascimbeni :


    V2 looks great. I can’t wait for it to come out.

    I work for a Fortune 200 company and recently I was involved in a brainstorming session for one of our new product architectures. I did up a conceptual diagram using LovelyCharts, and everyone thought the application was pretty cool (they’d never heard of it). They liked it so much, they asked me to send them a copy of it in Visio. :(

    I can’t wait for the day when they ask me to share it with them in LovelyCharts.

    Keep up the great work,


  8. Manish :

    Jerome, would the air app save in a graphml format? I have a some interesting usecase in the domain of Voice Response usecase documentation. Let me know if you have time to hear that.

  9. mohinder :

    I LOVE this program! Will there be a portable/offline version for purchas?

  10. Chris :

    Any chance of gradient fills in this version? :)


  11. Shawn :

    The changes look great. I will say the biggest draw for me is that this is a web based app. While I understand the need for some people to have an installed AIR version, hopefully this won’t require any sacrifice of features on the web site. I love being able to login from anywhere and access my drawings.

  12. sad :

    double clicking does nothing. i can’t edit the text in anything

  13. fred :

    A possible feature for the V2: implements the F4key, to make repeat the last action like in MS office.

  14. Craig Haskins :

    Jerome, how do I use my online charts in the new desktop app? I just upgraded. Also, what’s the deal with printing? Will that ever happen? Thanks a lot. You have a great app here.

  15. Simon Dixon :

    This looks awesome!

    Any ETA for the release or a maybe beta test account? :)


  16. Peter :

    It would be great to get a live link to any graph to embed it into a website. The link would point to a PNG or JPG representation of the the graph.

    I know that it’s possible to export a PNG but it’s inconvenient (so 20th century) to export/import the PNG after every change.

  17. mohinder :

    The preview video isn’t working anymore?

    Btw, hows v2 coming along? I’m really looking forward to a standalone app for my pc or ipod touch if there still in the works!

  18. Jérôme :

    hey there everyone,
    wow, thanks for your comments, sorry I missed some.

    Craig; I’ll send you an email to work things out.

    ETA > The beta is now officially a release candidate, the release is pretty imminent. Actually, I’m spending most of my time now on updating the website to be ready for the launch, which I really want to happen before the end of this month! If you can’t wait, please go ahead and try the app out at http://desktop, ;)


  19. Doug Weissman :

    Jérône, the desktop version looks fantastic, and I totally support your point of view of using Flash CS5 to write an application for the iPad. I would pay for this application, and this is one of the first applications that I would consider jail breaking my iPad to get a version of Lovely Charts on my iPad. Keep up the great work and I am salivating over the eminent release of your v2 desktop product.

  20. Mark :

    Is there supposed to be any sound?

    It all seems pretty meaningless without any commentary.

    Also, when it’s blown up to full screen the quality is awfully blurry.

    Hard to understand any of it.

  21. Chris :

    I can’t wait for the desktop version!!!
    If you are looking for testers, i’ll be glad to help.

  22. Chris :

    Can I pre-order the v2 desktop version?

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