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Dear Adobe, thank you :)

To be fair, I knew my last post was going to do some waves, but I honestly didn’t expect the prompt and efficient response it received. To make a long story short this time, a proper CS4 retail box is on its way to my office, so I’m happy again :)

I know some people might argue that I only received the treatment I got because of the noise I made, and there’s probably some truth there, but thinking about it, what’s wrong with that?
Even big corporations like Adobe, with all their complex CRM systems & procedures, have humans driving these systems, and these humans need to hear when their customers feel bad, in order to react and adapt.

And I have to say, the reaction has been excellent. So thank you all who reached out, and special kudos to Tracy for stepping up publicly and following up.

Finally, Adobe, I’m not sure how authorized I am for that, so I wouldn’t dare to call the following advices, but rather lessons learned I’ll also be taking for myself:

  • Do something about that Tier-1 support. These people (and the systems that support them) are your front men, they need to be SUPER GOOD.
    I have quite a story with Adobe, I know how much people there love the products they make, and how much most of them feel very strongly about customer service, please don’t let all that being ruined at the front line.
  • Fix that licensing system and make it simpler and more flexible. I know piracy is a real issue, and I know it’s easier said than done but as a matter of fact, the only people it affects are your paying customers, that just sucks.

Now, time to move on, I have a screencast to record :)

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  1. Eric D alias Merlin :

    Let’s say you want to protect sheep from the wolves. You make up a trap that is supposed to trigger only when a wolve walks on it.

    After some time, you realize that the wolves are easily avoiding your trap but a number of your sheep have been trapped.

    What are you going to do ? Continue to use a security device that is ineffective and does even more harm to your sheep ? Or just give up and come back to shooting the wolves you see ?

    Adobe and many other companies seem to be stubbornly continuing to use their ineffective device…

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