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Lovely Charts at Adobe MAX 2009

And here comes “yet another über exciting milestone” in this whole adventure :)…
I’m pretty happy and proud to announce Lovely Charts will be present at Adobe MAX this year, as an “Emerging” sponsor/exhibitor! This will be my first time as an exhibitor, and the least I can say is that it is as scary as it is exciting!

So, what has decided me to jump in and why am doing this?

  • It puts a milestone/deadline on my calendar. As I’ve already hinted at on this blog, Lovely Charts’ 2.0 is under heavy development, and I’m expecting it to be ready for early testing somewhere around the end of this quarter. So this was just perfect timing and a great opportunity to A. put a bit of healthy pressure on the development timeline in order to B. introduce the app’s preview to an audience of qualified professionals, and collect highly valuable early, live feedback on the upcoming version.
  • It will be a great opportunity to meet users and customers in person, learn more about who they are, what they like and dislike, apologize for the bugs, thank existing customers for their support etc etc.
  • At 4,500$ for the smallest sponsorship package + travel & accomodation, it’s definitely not cheap. However, I’m lucky enough to live in a place where a company like mine can benefit from substantial government help. Basically, the Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency (AWEX) should cover approximately half of the entire participation budget, making this a LOT more affordable. In fact, this shouldn’t really cost me any much more than if I had participated as a regular attendee.
  • It’s another learning opportunity. As I’ve already said a couple of times, this whole Lovely Charts adventure is a fantastic big learning experience with tons of “first time moments” where I learn new things first hand. I’ve never been an exhibitor at any show (except one dog show with my great dane but that doesn’t count, does it?), so this will be a great opportunity to learn from the inside about how to run a booth, what to do, what to think about, what not to do, and more generally discover the impact of such a presence.
  • It will be great fun :)… This kind of event is about networking above all, and MAX really brings together a fantastic crowd.
  • A little extra visibility can’t hurt the business, can it? :)… I don’t know how many of the 5,000+ MAX attendees will have heard of Lovely Charts before, but this is definitely a chance to introduce my little product to a greatly qualified audience in person, and that’s great!

Voilà, in short, a summary of the reasons that motivate me. I’m very excited by this, and can’t wait to be there, looking forward to meet many of you in person !

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  1. gilles :

    Great Jérome. I’m sure this experience was even more exiting and ‘profitable’ than the dog show you did earlier:)

  2. Jérôme :

    well…. you’d be surprised :)

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