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1.2: BPMN & Image Import for all

Now, this is a decent update! I’ve just deployed what I consider a pretty cool 1.2 release, bringing you the following improvements:

  • BPMN Libraries
    That’s something like 40 new symbols + 5 new connector types. I’m definitely not a BPMN expert, so please let me know if you see anything missing or unappropriate for real-world BPMN practice, there’s nothing like real users feedback! For the record, I’ve used the BPMN 1.2 standard as my reference, and organized symbols in 2 libraries: BPMN Events for all, well, events :), and BPMN General for the rest (Tasks, Artefacts, Gateways etc). If you feel this is not the right way to organize it, again, please let me know: jerome AT lovelycharts DOT com. Thanks!

    BPMN Libraries

  • Image Import is now available to all! Everyone can now upload and use its own images/artwork within Lovely Charts! Check this post out to find out what this is about, or try it by yourself right away!
  • Unlimited Imports: If you have a free account, you’ll be limited to a storage limit of 2Mb, but if you have a Premium account, you will be happy to hear I’ve lifted the storage cap on your Imports library… It’s now… Unlimited! :)

Kind of cool, no? :)

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