Lovely Charts iPad Edition now available on the App Store!

Image import is in !

So, today is probably not the best day for such an important announcement, but I swear this is not a bad April 1st joke, it’s for real !
Since about 15 minutes, premium users can now take advantage of “Lovely Charts’ n°1 most wanted feature of all times” AKA the ability to import images (JPG, PNG, GIF) into Lovely Charts and use those like any other symbol.

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I’m so excited by this feature I can barely write this post up, this is only a first step towards making Lovely Charts an extensible platform, but it’s a GREAT step, as it really opens a whole new level of possibilities!
I quickly made the little diagram below to give some idea of the immense potential of this new feature (please ignore the diagram’s content, it’s not meant to be 100% complete or correct):

Social Media for your company

Even if our own tests show that it’s already quite robust and usable, I consider the feature to be in Beta status for now, please let me know if you encounter any issues of any kind with it, by dropping me an email at beta at

At the moment, the following limitations apply:

  • This feature is accessible to Premium account holders only.
  • Libraries are limited to a total of 10Mb
  • Individual uploaded files are limited to 2Mb per file
  • Import is limited to JPG, PNG, and GIF files

These limitations are not carved in stone by anyway, so also don’t hesitate to let me know how you feel about these limitations, either via email, or via a comment on this blog.

Now, it’s time for some serious diagramming fun! :)

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  1. Dieter D :

    Sweet and thanks! This makes it great for adding those custom graphics, extra labeling or just add company watermarks/logos to professionalize the charts. Can’t wait to give it a spin (or stretch, shrink, etc)!

  2. Steve Lanning :

    Great–How about other LC’s fans showing us their content?!?

  3. Mamat :

    Hi, great feature you added here. Do you plan to giving the opportunity to import vectorial files ?
    I create my symbols in Flash, so I find it would be a pity to create vector files, and import them as bitmaps in a full vector software…

    Mamat ./.

    (sorry for my English)

  4. Mrs. G. :

    I am wondering if you have plans for the K - 12 educational community? Teachers and students always need web mapping tools. Symbols that are created for the educational community would be very helpful. Will there ever be a way for students to collaborate on webs?

  5. Andy Dennis :

    Congratulations on a fantastic product :)

    Will there be a way for users to extend or share libraries or assets? I, like many UX designers, use Jesse-James Garrett’s Visual Vocab for documenting user journeys and would buy a premium account instantly if this was supported.

  6. Alex :

    I would like to bulk import custom icons into my Desktop version of Lovely Charts. At the moment, I only know how to import one file at a time. I have created .swf files of hundreds of royalty-free graphics covering topics from e-commerce, toolbars, control panel icons, web interface, arrows, buttons, ie/ff/safari browser elements, etc. How do I bulk import these files in large groups instead of one-at-a-time imports?


  7. Jérôme :

    Hi Alex,

    did you get my last email? I’ve tried replying a couple times but keep getting delivery errors. Here’s what I was saying:

    thanks for asking! Have you made all your icons into one SWF file, or did you make one SWF file per icon?
    If the latter, I’m afraid the current release doesn’t let you import multiple SWF files, as it does for image files, because the workflow I had envisioned for SWF files would be that you’d work with a single SWF.
    That being said, this shouldn’t be too difficult to add in a minor update if its needed.
    Now, if you’d like some help with putting your library together, please feel free to send the files over, I’d be happy to help.

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